Figma 101

Whether you're a complete beginner or an old pro just wanting to get a quick refresher, our Figma 101 Course is the perfect place to get started.
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Watch a course preview: Move Tools

This is a free course preview of Figma 101 by PandaPanda Academy. In this video we're going to look at the move and scale tool.

What's included?

  • Lifetime access & all future content updates
  • Source & Video files
  • 1-on-1 session with Sebastiaan
  • Personal feedback on your work
  • Access to webinars and office hours
  • Access to the Slack community

Content of the course

35 videos - 4 hours

Welcome to Figma 101

  • 1. Personal welcome by Sebastiaan
  • 2. Get the most out of this course
  • 3. Why Figma?

Getting Started

  • 4. Install Figma
  • 5. Browser vs Desktop
  • 6. Interface
  • 7. Color Space


  • 8. Move & Shape Tools
  • 9. Vector Networks, Booleans & Masks
  • 10. Fill, Stroke & Effects
  • 11. Text

Grids & Layouts

  • 12. Making a grid
  • 13. Constraints
  • 14. Smart Selection
  • 15. Auto Layout
  • 16. Links

Components & Variants

  • 17. Components & Instances
  • 18. Variants


  • 19. Color Styles
  • 20. Text Styles
  • 21. Effect Styles
  • 22. Layout Grid Styles

Setting up a Design System

  • 23. Team Libraries
  • 24. Structuring your Design System
  • 25. Using your Design System
  • 26. Sharing your Design System

Version History & Working with Data

  • 27. Version History
  • 28. Working with Data


    • 29. Basic Prototyping

      Designing an app

      • 30. Designing a basic app
      • 31. Prototyping the app
      • 32. Developer handoff
      • 33. Sharing & Exporting

      Figma Community

      • 34. Files & Plugins


      • 35. What's next?

      Why learn with PandaPanda Academy?

      You will have lifetime access to the course and all of the future content updates. In addition to the full suite of videos online, you can also download them to watch anywhere. You will also receive all necessary source files for the course. Included in the course is a 1-on-1 session with Sebastiaan, access to live webinars and office hours, personal feedback on your work from the PandaPanda team, and membership to the PandaPanda Academy Slack channel where you can interact with other designers.

      Tools we use in this course

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      Ready to take the next step as a designer?

      The Figma 101 course is the perfect launchpad for designers of any level. Through the 35 videos in the course, you will learn all of the basics of Figma and how to master the many tools at your disposal. We will cover everything from installing the Figma software to exporting your very first app. By the end of the 4 hour course you will be able to design and roll out your own custom application.
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      Learn From Industry Professionals

      Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx is a UI and UX designer with over a decade of experience creating mobile and desktop applications and websites. Sebastiaan is passionate about design and loves to inspire the inner creator in others. His pragmatic approach to teaching covers more than just how Figma can improve your design skills - you will learn tips for recruiting and retaining clients, product management, industry tips, and much more!

      1-on-1 sessions

      All courses offered on Figma include private, 1-on-1 sessions with Sebastiaan and the rest of the PandaPanda team. We also regularly organize live webinars and "office hours" where you can ask your questions in real time. We value our students and the relationships we build with them.

      Be a Part of a Thriving Community

      In addition to the many courses offered on Figma all students are given access to the community via Slack. There, you can interact with other students as well as the PandaPanda team. We are always available and happy to help you grow your skills and your business.
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